Total War :: Shogun 2

As part of a dual QA/Design role I created maps that were used for multiplayer and single player battles. These maps needed to support up to 4v4 players and the ‘key building’ feature that was added in ‘Shogun 2’.

I used all my years of TW experience to create these maps. As I drew out each map on paper I asked my self what decisions I would be making as I moved my units forward. If I were the opposing player, how would I then respond?

Below is a small selection of the many maps I created for ‘Shogun 2’.

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Sakura Ridge

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Sakura Ridge is a map that deliberately lacks nuance. It presents a clear raised area directly ahead of the player that prompts an immediate response, push forward! This is both the strength and weakness of the map.

Abstract Flow

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The size of the ridge initially masks the view of the opposing player, forcing you to move your camera and lose sight of your own army. Sections of rock then cut across the ridge and divide the top, this makes you commit to tactical troop movements and prevents a last second switch of channels.