Level Design

This is my Level Design portfolio, below I have selected three examples of my work. One as a professional, one as an indie, and one as an enthusiast. They demonstrate my ability to design and create fun and engaging levels for a variety of different gameplay, across a range of genres.

Elsewhere on this site you will find further examples of my work.

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Total War: Shogun 2 – Sakura ridge

In my 12 years at The Creative Assembly I have contributed battle maps to several Total War games. Sakura Ridge is an example of one of several Single/Multiplayer battles maps that I created for Total War – Shogun 2.


Captain Kaon – ISN Fuel Anchorage

Captain Kaon was a solo indie project recently released on Steam. The ‘ISN Fuel Anchorage’ level takes place early in the Ceres campaign and exemplifies the games key gameplay mechanics.


Far Cry Arcade – Stoneheart Bleeds

I have a great passion for shooters and have enjoyed making levels since I was a child. I started created maps for Doom and Duke Nukem. Then moved on the Counter-Strike and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I currently enjoy making maps for Far Cry Arcade. I have made a great variety of maps for different game modes in both single and multiplayer.

Stoneheart Bleeds is an Assault map set in the northern alpine region of the fictional country of ‘Gorkovia’. It has a series of escalating encounters and builds to an explosive finale.