Level Design

This is my Level Design portfolio, here I have selected three examples of my work. One as a professional, one as an indie, and one as an enthusiast.

Far Cry Arcade – Stoneheart Bleeds

I have a great passion for shooters and have enjoyed making levels since I was a child. I started created maps for Doom and Duke Nukem. Then moved on the Counter-Strike and Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. I currently enjoy making maps for Far Cry Arcade. I have made a great variety of maps for different game modes in both single and multiplayer.

Stoneheart Bleeds is an assault map with a pace that builds steadily to an explosive ending.


Captain Kaon – ISN Fuel Anchorage

Captain Kaon was a solo indie project recently released on Steam. The ‘ISN Fuel Anchorage’ level takes place early in the Ceres campaign and exemplifies the games key gameplay mechanics.

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Total War: Shogun 2 – Sakura ridge

In my 12 years at The Creative Assembly I have contributed battle maps to several Total War games. Sakura Ridge is an example of one of several Single/Multiplayer battles maps that I created for Total War – Shogun 2.

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